Dennis Scovazzo

Operations Director

After 16 dedicated years of upward mobility as a business analyst at one of North America’s largest transportation businesses, Dennis discovered that he wanted more meaning in his life. Father of two boys, Dennis was searching for a balance between fatherhood and the business world, both in which he excelled. He turned to his lifelong friend, attorney Jason Penrod, and just as they had worked together in the past as little league teammates and college study partners, they brainstormed a solution. Dennis would join Jason in his business venture of starting an elder law firm; thus Family Elder Law was born.

With a 30-year friendship as a foundation, a master’s degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in Business Strategies) and an unparalleled work ethic, Dennis’s background provided the perfect combination to assist Jason and become the Operations Director at the new firm.  Dennis instantly appreciated the flexibility and enjoyed the fulfillment of working alongside Jason and helping people in need.

As all successful and motivated businessmen can tell you, “Change is the only constant,” as is progression and Dennis fully embraces this concept as he constantly strives to improve and reinvent himself and his business endeavors. In addition to his duties as Operations Director for Family Elder Law, he has also created Scovazzo Consulting, co-founded Family Financial Services, and established J & D Properties.  

When not working away at the computer or brainstorming innovative business ideas, Dennis can be found spending time with the three loves of his life; his sons, Tyler and Dylan and the Buffalo Bills.